NB – Do not read this article if you are uncomfortable with the idea of

reincarnation of have strong religious views prohibiting spiritual exploration

or hypnosis.



"The idea of reincarnation broadens our field of view, extends our range of vision

 and consequently makes it easier to grasp the general pattern."

- Thorwald Dethlefsen


The purpose of doing a Past Life Regression (PLR) is to find and eradicate

blocks to your growth that may not have been resolved through normal therapy,

to re-member and re-decide. We want to change the future as well as the

present and the past and to enhance spiritual and personal growth.


Through PLR you can discover the meaning of recurring themes in your life, you

 may gain insight into personal limitations, health or relationship issues, and

understand “unexplained knowings”, phobias or fears – especially those that

seem to have no basis in this life or have not been fully resolved by current

life therapy.


"For whatever has not been grasped by the time of death is taken over as a problem by the consciousness into our next incarnation."

- Thorwald Dethlefsen


Some of our most limiting beliefs, habits, decisions, vows and promises are carry-overs from past life traumas. These can be corrected or released through good past life therapy.


PLR is best seen as an important “depth” mechanism in an ongoing therapy and not just as an exercise in curiosity. This is necessary so that you can integrate and understand the material that the PLR uncovers. If this is not done properly, you will not get the full benefit of the recovered memory, or you may be disturbed by the contents of the discovery with no means to deal with it.


After past Life Therapy you should have more insight and understanding of the themes and challenges in your life and be able to plan the future direction of your personal growth work.


It is also possible to do “future” work, where one can test as it were, what the effect on the future life will be of resolving a theme or not. For example, if one considers the pendulum-effect of karma, it would follow that if you are seriously prejudiced in this life, the likelihood is great that you will be the subject of prejudice in a future life. By recognising these patterns pre-emptively, one can theoretically resolve many future difficulties, assuming of course that the current learning is remembered and applied in the future experience. The whole purpose is to live as mindfully and ethically as one’s stage of spiritual development will allow.


"It is for each of us to worry about our own problems: there is no greater contribution that we can make to the perfecting of the universe."

-Thorwald Dethlefsen


Please consult a registered psychologist who has an interest in spiritual development and has been trained in regression therapy.




It can happen that you spontaneously get information about a past life during meditation or in a dream.  This is a common occurrence for those interested in pursuing a spiritual path.  If you do not understand the meaning of the material, discuss it with your psychologist or spiritual counsellor.


It has also often happened that a clients regresses spontaneously into a past life during other hypnosis sessions. If you and your therapist are comfortable working with the material, great. If not, find a therapist who can help you.




  • Sometimes psychics tell you about past lives. Please take this information with a pinch of salt… If you really trust the person, the material can possibly be trusted. However, the best way to experience a PLR is personally – then you know the information belongs to you.
  • Sometimes people uncover “memories” of abuse during hypnosis sessions. These should not be acted on unless you have thoroughly discussed the pros and cons of such an action with your therapist.  It is possible to misconstrue information gleaned during hypnosis.  This could lead to “false memory syndrome” and a whole host of other problems that you may not want to unleash.
  • To verify facts obtained during a regression (PLR or other) may not be possible. However, if you treat the information as an elaborate metaphor or a waking dream and do not get “hung up” on the correctness of it, you can still use the information to very good effect.  Look at the symbolism, patterns and themes rather than only at the facts to make sense of the experience. Look for parallels in your current life.




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Any suggestions or opinions voiced in these pages are those of the authors, and in no way to be constructed as final treatment advice. They are intended as a starting point to develop your own preparation and treatment plan. Please consult your medical and/or psychological experts or caregivers to fine-tune the advice and suggestions for your own unique needs.