Hannetjie’s intentions for her life and work are mindfulness, ethics, choice and

goal-directed positivity. In her work she explores the connection of mind and

body as expressed in various illnesses, symptoms and dreams. She believes

that we can, and should, find meaning in our lives and circumstances and that

we can achieve ultimate freedom from our entrapments by controlling our

minds and changing our attitudes and erroneous beliefs.  Her mission is to help

people balance and control their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves

and to assist their growth to reach their fullest potential.


She is committed to positive psychology and gracious living.  Her book

Over the Hill Moon – a Guide to Positive Ageing was published in 2013 and the

second printing is practically sold out. It remains available in digital format

from Amazon.


Her Happiness Training Programme – My Little Book of Over the Moon Moments

has also been reprinted and is available from her and during workshops.


Hannetjie is the founder of the Over the Moon Club, where participants meet

like-minded peers and experience positive living first-hand.  Activities are based

on the principles discussed in her book and encompass, amongst others,

continued learning, variety, novelty, meaningfulness, contribution, fun, healthy eating and exercise. Workshop details can be found on



Her formal qualifications include a BSc Dietetics (Cum Laude - 1972) and Diploma in Hospital Dietetics (1973), an Honours degree (Cum Laude) in Psychology at the Rand Afrikaans University (1987), and a Masters degree in psychology at UNISA (1989).  For her doctorate at RAU in 1994, she studied the physical and mental interactions leading to, and maintaining the eating disorder, Bulimia.  She is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a Counselling Psychologist (PS0030066).


Hannetjie is very involved in professional ethics and has for many years collaborated with a group of colleagues on  developing and presenting workshops, writing articles, chapters and books on various topics in the field of psychology, especially ethics, supervision and cyber-savvy. She is a regular panel member of the disciplinary committees of the Health Professions Council of South Africa and is a board member of the South African Medico-Legal Association. She is an accredited mediator and believes this is an area of much future growth, for herself as well as for the population at large.


She is in Private Practice and holds workshops and talks for the public and professionals about preventive nutrition, stress, eating disorders, positive living and ageing, ethics and spiritual living. She has appeared on TV and radio, and regularly advises journalists about nutrition, psychology and esoteric matters.


She is a qualified Astrologer and NLP Master practitioner and in addition has studied Reiki, Esoteric healing, various modalities of Hypnosis, Kinesiology and Transactional Analysis.


She loves gardening, jazz, photography and travel. She has a passion for colour, started painting at age 50 and has had four successful exhibitions of her art work. A large number of her paintings are commissioned for her son’s guesthouses in Dullstroom and elsewhere.


She is happily married, has two step-children, two married children, and is a very involved grandmother of six.

She lives and works in Houghton, Johannesburg.


Dr Hannetjie Van Zyl-Edeling

Counselling Psychologist

Accredited Mediator




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